Monday, April 2, 2012


My son spends most of his free time composing music.  Bear in mind that he's 14 and could be spending his days as I did watching cartoons.  Sure, he does his fair share of texting, but the kid logs serious hours composing.

Blake described to me the emotional roller coaster he expressed as music in his piece "Remorse".  As an art experiment, I though it would be interesting to sculpt something based on his description.  He didn't have a person or image in mind so I created a character to supply the visual.  The character is no one in particular, nor is he intended to be photoreal. 

The sculpt was done in ZBrush in about an hour.  The ZB session crashed as I was painting a texture, so the video does not have that or the posing or the hair.  I ended up skipping the texture and going with black and white instead.

The render was done in mental ray for Maya over a long afternoon.  I spent a lot of time tweaking shaders and lights, probably too much.  Spray Trace has sped up my lighting set-up process, so I guess I should be glad that it wasn't longer.

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