Monday, September 24, 2012

Sketch Club mark 12-09-22

Another Sketch Club mark.

I didn't have time to add his Flashdance inspired t-shirt.  Most likely he doesn't look too much like the sketch, if at all.  My view of him was limited, even though I flagged him as a possible mark. He headed across the street before we could do a casual no-we're-not-looking-at-you look at him.  So this is how I envisioned he should look.

Oh well.  It was a fun sculpt.

ZBrush sculpt and texture, Mental Ray in Maya render and Photoshop touch ups.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Anatomy Practice

This started out as a simple anatomy exercise. I found some stock images from Marcus J. Ranum that really appealed to me in their elegance and simplicity.  From there I thought I would just do a one hour sketch.  After a few ( lot ) more hours I decided to call it done.

There is plenty that I could do to refine the sculpt.  I have only blocked in the head, hands and feet, lots of the anatomy is soft or vaguely defined.  Even though it's not super polished, I'm happy with the result.

Above are the steps from start to finish. Far left is the ZSphere base.  I had the stock images in the background in ZBrush while I built the base.  From there I stopped using the images in the background, and opened them in a separate window.  I didn't want this to be a match-the-photo practice, rather an observation practice.  The middle three figures are stages in blocking in the form.  The far right is as much refinement as I could do before the self-imposed time limit.

The renders are done in Maya 2013 with Mental Ray.