Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reel 2012

*Updating Reel*
Visual Development work for Sony Pictures Animation. 

The clips are all pre-production pieces my team and I put together very early in the design process.  The idea is to model, texture, rig, animate and light the main characters for our feature films as quickly as possible.  This gives all of us a chance to see how the characters work in the environment.

The animation is then viewed internally, and we determine what worked and what needs adjustments.  We've radically changed designs or scrapped them completely after completion of a short.  That's OK because we are not building production assets, we're designing the visuals for the film.  This is no different than a 2D sketch in that it's a step in the evolution of the look of picture.

Fortunately many times the animation is received so well that its shown to close production partners, heads out on the Marketing circuit or ( rarely ) makes it on to a DVD.

This is development work from our released films.  There is a lot more work from our in-development shows but it cannot be viewed outside SPA.

All images are (c) Sony Pictures Animation.

The music is called "Freedom" by Blake Pilger (c) 2011.  He's 15 and a genius.  He gets it from his mother.

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