Monday, May 21, 2012

Angel WIP #2

This has taken me much longer than I expected and it's still not complete. Normally I take a couple days at most to make a piece, and this has been weeks.

I always tell my crew that the mistakes you make are the most important part of your growth process. When you look at them as a learning experience, then there are no such things as mistakes, but opportunities in disguise. Retracing my steps for this piece has pointed out some places where I can improve my workflow. I'll note them after the jump.

// placeholder for Mo's composition sketch //

Thanks to the help of Marcelo Vignali the composition is in a much better place.  After he explained how I could strengthen the composition and suggested to start with a very simple, abstract image, I was kicking myself for skipping a step in my normal workflow.

More to come....
// hires ZBrush sculpt
// retopo
// re-projection of sculpt to retopo
// pose
// cloth sim

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