Friday, May 4, 2012

Angel WIP # 1

This will be a present for my wife. She loves angels.

Inspiration board. A jumping off point for design and lighting. The intent is to make a classical inspired piece. I want to make something with moody lighting and luminous skin tones, plus I would like to show some movement in the hair and dress.

The images:

A mannequin I built in Maya.  This helps me establish a quick look at the pose, proportions and early lighting.

I bring the separate pieces into ZBrush, merge the body masses ( head, torso, arms, legs ) then sculpt. It took an entire day to get to this point. The head is separate because it can have as many points as the entire body.  ZBrush is a 32-bit app, so I keep tool size in mind when constructing the whole body.  As long as I maintain the proportions from the mannequin head to the sculpted head, it will turn out fine.

Even though the arm is made from 24 pieces, I can sculpt on them as a whole. ZBrush does a nice job in filling in the gaps between pieces as long as everything is in the same sub tool.  The arm on the left shows the separate poly groups which allows me to hide/unhide sections at will.  You can still see some seams on the arm on the right, that comes from smoothing across pieces.  This can't be avoided, but overall it doesn't matter because I can retopo or dyna mesh the arm to get a single surface.  I'm not worried about that at the moment since form and proportion are the priority.

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